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Dyed and damaged hair? Coconut oil is the ideal

Coconut oil is a powerful re-builder of the hair fiber. Coconut oil is the best for dyed or damaged natural hair.
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Coconut oil is a powerful re-builder of the hair fiber.

We constantly subject our hair to different chemicals and treatments for it to look good.

But what we do not know is that this can bring other negative consequences that will end up affecting aesthetics and vitality of our natural hair.

To prevent this from happening, certain preventive measures can be taken through natural treatments, one of them is coconut oil.

What is coconut oil?

It is a plant-based ingredient that is extracted from the coconut. It contains saturated fatty acids, lauric acid, capric acid, and vitamins E and K.

When this oil is in its natural state, it has the great ability to retain moisture and when applied to the hair it is very difficult to evaporate, which is favorable as it penetrates directly into the hair fiber. 

In our previous post, we explained in details about what coconut oil is. You can read more about coconut oil in the post

Benefits offered to our hair

This ingredient is definitely a miraculous conditioner that provides a host of health benefits:

Promotes hair growth in a healthy way due to its anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties.

Helps natural hair to have a smooth and shiny appearance.

  • Tones the hair strands.
  • Repairs split ends, restoring vitality.
  • Provides an amount of oil to hair that is dry from the dye.
  • It produces a pleasant fragrance that remains present for a long time.
  • Reduces the loss of protein due to the application of dyes.

Application before coloring

This will allow the dyes or discolorations not to cause that negative effect that we fear so much, for this there are two ways to use it:

Apply a few drops of this oil from the middle to the ends about 30 minutes before using the dye.

Add several drops of the oil to the dye and then apply it to the hair.

IS it be good to add coconut oil to the dye? How to do it?

Will it be good to add coconut oil to the dye? How to do it?

YES, the fact of adding this powerful ingredient will provide the same results that are expected, in addition, the color will stick much better and it will leave the hair shiny.
You only have to add 2 drops of that oil in the dye container, this will help nourish the hair, prevent it from being mistreated by the chemical agents of that product, the color will remain uniform and will be preserved for longer.Coconut oil is a perfect beauty product for your hair. Find out how to apply it and all its benefits to show off a splendid mane.

How to apply coconut oil after hair has been dyed?

If you have been applying dye for years, its ingredients can cause your hair to lose its natural shine.
But it can be quickly recovered with this spectacular essence.
Pure virgin oil should be applied to the tips, gently massaging, then washed with water and shampoo as is done daily.Applying coconut oil to hair tips for beautiful hair

How long should this oil be left on?

If the hair is not very damaged, the normal thing would be to leave it on for about 15 minutes and wrap the head with a warm towel while waiting.
It is important to know that you should avoid using a hair dryer and products that contain high degrees of alcohol.Discover how to grow your natural hair with pure coconut oil.

Can you sleep with coconut oil on your hair?

The answer is yes, you can let the ingredient remain in the hair for a long time, it would be up to 24 hours that you can let it have its effect, wrapping the head with a thermal cap that produces heat, which is enough to open the hair cuticle and so the nutrients penetrate.Coconut oil can stay on natural hair over night for long covered with bathing shower cap
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Hydration on bleached hair

Generally, discolorations are so strong and aggressive that they end up damaging the hair, causing it to break into pieces and lose its shine almost entirely.

So that this does not happen, you must resort to hydration, in order to provide nutrients that can restrict this effect. The first thing to know is that the hair will need some time to recover, and once it has been discolored, it is best to wait a few days to wash it.

You have to remember that the number one enemy of dye is water, as it knocks it down with each wash. So, you have to be patient and wait about 72 hours to start hydration.

A miracle mask

So that extremely burned hair after being dyed, bleached or subjected to treatments such as capillary botox, can restore vitality, this recipe is advisable:


2 tablespoons 100% organic coconut oil


Wash the hair very well, then apply the oil from the roots to the ends, massaging gently for approximately 15 minutes. This action should be repeated about 2 times a week.

Anyway, at Hair Function we are sure that with these simple tips you can revive your hair after dyeing it.

I personally recommend this particular product because it is 100% natural, no added chemicals

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